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1. What is the life of Platinised Anode?
(Matching tags: Titanium,platinum,electrodes)
The life of Platinised anode is determined by various operating parameters such as the current density, bath composition, temperature, plating duration, MOC of the component being plated. However, based ...
2. What are the major application of Platinised Anode?
(Matching tags: anodes,platinum,pt)
 Electroplating : Gold Plating; Rhodium Plating; Silver Plating; Paladium Plating; Ruthenium Plating; Platinum Plating; High speed Copper Plating; High speed Chromium Plating; Nickel Plating Electrodialisis ...
3. Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) Activated Titanium Anode/Electrode
(Matching tags: Tantalum,Titanium,mmo,anodes,platinum,iridium,ruthenium,rhodium)
... combinations of Platinum Group Metal oxides (Platinum, Ruthenium, Rhodium, Iridium) with exotic metal oxides  creates wide variety of possible coating combinations. Find out more about various ...
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