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Platinised Anodes in general can take the maximum current densities when compared to any conventional anodes available. However, its ability to withstand electrolytic media depends on the substrate used. ...
2. What are the major application of Platinised Anode?
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 Electroplating : Gold Plating; Rhodium Plating; Silver Plating; Paladium Plating; Ruthenium Plating; Platinum Plating; High speed Copper Plating; High speed Chromium Plating; Nickel Plating Electrodialisis ...
The substrate commonly used and which are readily available are SS 316 Titanium Niobium Zirconium Tantalum Molybdenum << back
The Platinised Anode is a most economical solution considering its life cycle, cost and the allied advantages such as Maintenance free, Eco friendliness, reduction in operating down time and zero bath ...
Platinum Anodes are available in the following forms: a. Solid Platinum b. Platinum foils cladded on to a substrate c. EPMA – Electro Plated Platinum Anode d. PLANMA – Platinised Niobium Metal Anode (Thermal ...
6. What is a Platinized Anode?
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Platinum is the most effective metal for any electro chemical process due to its current conducting property. However, Platinum also being the most expensive material rational utilization of the material ...
7. Platinised Titanium (Pt Ti) Anode / Electrode
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... for the greater benefit ensures economical solution in any nature.Platinised Anodes is none but a rational utilization of platinum by coating or plating limited quantity on to a suitable substrate to achieve ...
8. Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) Activated Titanium Anode/Electrode
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Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) Anodes / Electrodes are made by coating the substrate with a combination of  metal oxides which are electrically-conductive, this activates substrate, enabling ...
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