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1. What is the life of Platinised Anode?
(Matching tags: Titanium,platinum,electrodes)
The life of Platinised anode is determined by various operating parameters such as the current density, bath composition, temperature, plating duration, MOC of the component being plated. However, based ...
2. Platinised Titanium (Pt Ti) Anode / Electrode
(Matching tags: Ti,Titanium,anodes,electrodes,pt)
...  Sheet/Plate Tubular Rod / Round Bar Mesh Wire Others: Basket, Coils, Pins Cylinders, Strip, Ribbons Also custom made to your design   Titanium (ti) Tantalum (ta) Niobium ...
3. Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) Activated Titanium Anode/Electrode
(Matching tags: Tantalum,Titanium,mmo,anodes,platinum,iridium,ruthenium,rhodium)
Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) Anodes / Electrodes are made by coating the substrate with a combination of  metal oxides which are electrically-conductive, this activates substrate, enabling ...
Titanium Alloy Gr 23 Ti6Al4V Eli (Ti64) is the most widely used titanium alloy in medical implants and tools due to low levels of oxygen, carbon and Iron content compared to traditional ...
Titanium alloy grade 12 Ti-0.8Ni-0.3Mo titanium-nickel-molybdenum alloy  is widely used  in manufacture of chemical process equipments and tanks. > Grade 12 Wire / Spool ...
Titanium alloy Gr9 can be used in higher temperatures than commercially pure titanium grades 1-4, as it can be cold rolled with its excellent corrosion resistance capability its used in industrial, aerispace ...
Titanium Palladium Alloy Gr 7 (Ti Pd Alloy) is the most corrosion resistant of all currently available titanium alloys, this grade is especially well suited to applications requiring resistance ...
8. Titanium CP ASTM ASME Grade 4 UNS R50700 Ti
(Matching tags: Ti,Titanium,Titan)
Commercially Pure Titanium is graded between 1 to 4 depending on the strength and allowable levels of elements, Gr 4 is the strongest of these grades with minimum yield strength of 480 MPa (70 ...
9. Titanium CP ASTM ASME Grade 3 UNS R50550 Ti W.Nr. 3.7055
(Matching tags: Ti,Titanium,Titan,grade 3)
Commercially Pure Grade 3 is unalloyed titanium providing higher mechanical strength (typical yield strength 462 MPa) compared with CP Grades 1 and 2 and allowable stresses combined with moderate ...
10. Titanium CP ASTM ASME Grade 2 UNS R50400 Ti W.Nr. 3.7035
(Matching tags: Ti,Titanium,Grade 2)
Commercially Pure Grade 2 titanium is widely used as it combines excellent formability and moderate strength with superior corrosion resistance.It is slightly stronger than Ti Grade 1, makes ...
11. Titanium CP ASTM ASME Grade 1 UNS R50250 Ti W.Nr. 3.7025
(Matching tags: Ti,Titanium,Titan,Grade 1)
Titanium Grade 1 is “unalloyed” titanium offering optimum ductility and cold formability. The material has high impact toughness and is easily weldable. > Grade 1 Wire / Spool > Grade ...
12. Titanium (Ti)
(Matching tags: Ti,Titanium,Titan)
ET UK, titanium stockist since 1996 have achieved considerable growth,  through an increased stock of Titanium range & are a leading supplier in heat resistant & corrosion ...
Gr1, Gr2, Gr3, Gr5(Ti6Al4V), Gr7, Gr9
Zr 702, Zr 705
Pure Unalloyed, 2.5% W + 97.5% Ta Alloy

Nickel Alloys
Inconel, Monel, Invar, Kovar, Hastelloy, Incoloy

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